The Night Before Christmas: A C is for Cthulhu Holiday Tale

Created by C is for Cthulhu

A festive new board book reimagining the holiday classic in Lovecraftian style, paired with Santa Cthulhu plush toys in time for Xmas!

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And the Next Lovecraftian Monster We'll Be Producing in Plush Format Will Be...
over 1 year ago – Mon, May 16, 2022 at 11:33:21 AM

Hey C is for Cthulhu Fans! 

A few days ago, after smashing through the $55K funding milestone, we asked you all to vote on which new Lovecraftian plush toy you thought we should produce next. Well, Tyler from the C is for Cthulhu team just hopped on a livestream to reveal the votes: 

Tyler also picked the winner of our BABY PLUSH GIVEAWAY during the stream at random... so if you want to see who won, feel free to watch the video.

We also wanted to make sure you knew that today is the last day the free 7 Book Bonus Bundle will be available.  As backers, you're already locked in to receiving this awesome bonus...

...but if you know any Cthulhu fans who haven't backed yet, but should, today would be a wonderful day to give them a little nudge so they can score the bonus as well! 


Your Pals at C is for Cthulhu

P.S. No time to watch the above video? Well, HASTUR was the clear winning plush, and we'll start prototyping a Hastur plush this month, with others possible should the campaign continue to reach higher funding levels. Big congrats to backer E Chow, whose name was pulled to be the recipient of an extra C is for Cthulhu Baby Plush.  E, you can message us with your choice through Kickstarter, and we'll see that it's added to your pledge when we send you your shipping survey. 

Which Lovecraft Character Should We Make a Plush of Next?
over 1 year ago – Thu, May 12, 2022 at 11:20:17 PM

Hey, we just crushed another big unlock! 

One of the most requested suggestions from our fans is that we expand our C is for Cthulhu Line of Plush Toys to include OTHER plush characters besides Cthulhu.  We totally get that, seeing as the designs for many of the Lovecraftian monsters featured in our ABC book and other titles are so awesome. 

Well, you've finally twisted our tentacles on this one... and now that we've passed $55K, we're going to start working once again with the team at Skelton Crew Studio to develop one! 


We'd like to ask YOU, the fans who make what we do possible to help us select the character to get the plush treatment. Here are three choices we're considering:

A: Deep One

These underwater denizens have shown up in each of our books and would make for cute plush. 

B: Hastur

Don't say it... or maybe do? What say you?

C: Shoggoth

Has an insatiable appetite, and yet is somehow still adorable. 

D: Other? 

Or perhaps you have a better idea of a character from the C is for Cthulhu series who should get the plush treatment.  We'll take your top suggestion as an entry if you're not into any of the three suggested above. 

Place Your Votes in the Comments! 

As an added incentive to make your voice heard, we're going to pick one of our awesome backers who votes to win their choice of a BABY C is for Cthulhu Plush. 

Vote for Your Preferred Character to Be Entered to Win a Baby Cthulhu Plush of Your Choice!

To make your voice heard and be eligible for the bonus, please get your vote in by 10 AM Friday, the 13th 2022! 

Let's hear what you want to see us make next!

- The C is for Cthulhu Team

Special "House of Fear" Perk for C is for Cthulhu Backers!
over 1 year ago – Thu, May 12, 2022 at 03:02:28 PM

Nine days to go, friends, and we're closing in on 900 Backers! Amazing!!!

Hey, some cool news for any of our backers who also happen to be comic book fans...

Special "House of Fear" Perk for C is for Cthulhu Backers! 

We love being able to turn our loyal fans on to some amazing other books they can find on the Kickstarter platform... and we ESPECIALLY love it, when those other creators are willing to offer our backers an EXTRA PERK for backing them too! 

Our good friend James Powell is the creator of HOUSE OF FEAR reached out to us to make a special offer to C is for Cthulhu Backers: Every C is for Cthulhu Backer who also jumps over and backs his latest launch for Volume 1 & 2 of House of Fear will receive this FREE Shoggoth Print from James:

Get this "Mail Order Shoggoth" Print from James Powell when you back his project and ours!

House of Fear is a comic book series featuring stand-alone, fantasy-adventure stories told in the trappings of classic horror, with just the right level of action, adventure, humor, and scares to fully engage anyone with fond memories of Goosebumps, fans of Scooby-Doo, or readers who believe horror comics don't need to be dark, gritty, and violent to be entertaining.

James is also making his stand alone Lovecraft inspired story "The Case of the Mail Order Shoggoths" available as an add on for this campaign. 

We're fans of the House of Fear series, and this is actually a great read for little ones who grew up on C is for Cthulhu books and are now a little older and ready for even more thrills and chills. 

Check it out here, and if you back it, James will double check that you were also a C is for Cthulhu backer, and hook you up with that bonus print! 

Okay, let's keep rocking over here! 

- The C is for Cthulhu Team

Do You Mind if We Overdeliver?
over 1 year ago – Mon, May 09, 2022 at 10:37:37 PM

Hey, there C is for Cthulhu Family! We hope you had a great Mother's Day Weekend and managed to do something special. We took the weekend off from promoting the campaign super hard... but we're pleased to announce that the momentum has continued and we've unlocked even more bonus holiday coloring pages as we've crushed another stretch goal! 

We've also gone past the 800 Backer Milestone, which is a lot of amazing people combining to make this project a success! 

We want to thank each and every one of you, and so we hope you don't mind if we overdeliver with another surprise bonus! 


To encourage a few more backers to get off the fence and jump into this amazing campaign this week, we've assembled a special digital selection of bonus books we're going to give to every THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS: A C is for Cthulhu Holiday Tale Backer who joins this campaign by midnight, Friday the 13th, 2022. 

This is usually the toughest week for Kickstarter projects to gain traction, and so we're doing a little something extra to entice interested backers to jump in and support the new launch! 

But, since you're ALREADY A BACKER, you don't have to do a single thing to get these extra titles! Consider it a little extra gift from us to you, just for being awesome. 

Each one of these titles features monsters and mayhem that we think our fans might appreciate. Here's a description of all of the Bonus Titles you're going to get your hands on just for being one of 800 awesome backers of this campaign:

Sneaky Goblins #1 by Rene Pfitzner [Ages 8+] 

Meet Dank, an underachieving and risk-averse assassin making his way in the world. His first job out of assassin school is to steal a sacred elf relic for the local mob syndicate. Along the way he beats dungeon bosses, upgrades his armour, fights the dragon, and impersonates a grocer, proving beyond all doubt that he really is a Sneaky Goblin. Dank feels completely out of his depth but doesn’t go it alone! He gets some help along the way and finds he is capable of greater things than he ever believed.

The Dusk County Chronicles #1 by Joel Rodriguez & Roman Gubskii [Ages 15+] 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Toy Story was a slasher? What about if Peter Pan required a sacrifice to enter Neverland? The Dusk County Chronicles is a collection of 4 short twisted tales of terror that takes your dreams and turns them into nightmares.

Mummy's Always Right by Joe Mulvey & Jules Rivera [All Ages]

A gorgeously illustrated book perfect for bedtime reading, featuring a mischievous little monster named GAWS who learns all the many reasons he should listen to his MUMMY! In the book, your little monsters will enter the world of CREATURE COVE, home to the Mummy Family. They'll follow a day in the life of Gaws, as his Mummy teaches him important life lessons that all of our little boys and ghouls should know...

House of Fear: Attack of the Killer Snowmen by James Powell, Jethro Morales & Josh Jensen [Ages 8+] 

It's kids vs. monsters in this collection of scary comics for young readers! House of Fear is the perfect comic collection for monster hunters young and old. It's Scooby-Doo meets Tales from the Crypt! Devour these terrifying tales if you dare! 

Gods of Azurn by Gary Scott Beatty  [Ages 16+] 

Cyclopean gods and eldritch monsters shuffle through four complete stories, plus a look at the art of the Gods of Aazurn Kickstarter Exclusive graphic novel! Creepy, cosmic stories from the Gods of Aazurn webcomic.

Baby #1 by George O'Connor & Griffin Ess  [All Ages]
 Destruction has never been so adorable. When a monster-from-the-deep stumbles onto the Jersey shore, chaos ensues. Local cryptozoologist, Dr. Trent Headley, sees the monster as his ticket to the fame and fortune he's always craved. And Detective Frank Welker just tries to survive the day - his last day on the job before he retires.

Mythic Creature Trainer #1 by Rene Pfitzner  [Ages 8+]
 Ulrick, one of the royal stable hands, loves his work: taming the king's mythic creatures.
 It's just a pity he can’t turn up on time. With his job on the line, Ulrick's boss charges him
 with making a special potion to cure a baby dragon of fever. Ulrick does his best, but his actions have far-reaching consequences that not even he could have predicted!


We really hope you discover a few cool new titles and creators with this Mid Campaign Bonus Bundle!

Congrats to Our "Caption This" Winner:

Holy cow, was this a tough one to pic! 35 awesome entries, many of them hilarious.

But, our hats go off to Levi Werner, who must have known we're big ELF fans and appreciate his twist on the iconic line from that movie! 

"Cthulhu Claus? I know him!"  

Levi, we'll be adding YOUR CHOICE of 12 in. plush to your Pledge Level rewards as a bonus! (Note, this will be reflected in your pledge manager and shipping survey sent after the campaign is over.) 

I hope you all enjoyed that CAPTION THIS bonus game... we may do it again before this launch is through!

Let's keep on blowing through those stretch goals!

- The C is for Cthulhu Team

P.S. The next stretch goal is a HUGE one! We've been asked for YEARS to start development on additional plush toys for new C is for Cthulhu characters... at $55K, we'll let you pick which one we make first! 

TGIF... Let's Have Fun With a Caption This!
over 1 year ago – Sat, May 07, 2022 at 12:33:52 AM

Hey there friends! As we roll into the second weekend of this campaign, we're thrilled to announce that we're closing in on another cool stretch goal unlock.

Keep those crayons sharpened, because we're getting close to adding another set of 8 amazing pages for your coloring pleasure! 

One of our favorite things to do during our Kickstarter launches is play some backer bonus games. One of our favorites is getting YOU, the C is for Cthulhu fan, to add a few of your words to our amazing art.  We call this... 


In the comments below, include your idea for your best short caption to go with this image!

Get your captions in by Monday at 8:00 A.M. EDT to be in the running to get YOUR CHOICE of C is for Cthulhu 12 in plush added to your pledge for free when we pick our favorite of the bunch!


- The C is for Cthulhu Team