The Night Before Christmas: A C is for Cthulhu Holiday Tale

Created by C is for Cthulhu

A festive new board book reimagining the holiday classic in Lovecraftian style, paired with Santa Cthulhu plush toys in time for Xmas!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Stretch Goals Unleashed and Add-Ons Updated!
over 1 year ago – Thu, Apr 28, 2022 at 05:17:40 PM

We are rocking and rolling, friends! 

Thanks to the amazing outpouring of over 600 strong, we're now going to be able to make this campaign even better! We've just added some cool STRETCH GOALS to this campaign to help expand it's scope, with plenty more waiting in the wings to reveal. 

Once again, our stretch goal will feature a variety of different additions, including:

  • Digital Bonuses - Which every backer at any pledge level will receive!
  • Book Upgrades / Enhancements - Which everyone getting a physical book will receive!
  • Signature Edition Enhancements - Which everyone getting the Signature edition of the book will receive! (Available as an Add-On)
  • Collector's Box Enhancements - Which everyone getting a collector's box will receive! 
  • New Add-On Product Unlocks - Which will greenlight production of new C is for Cthulhu products which may be available to add on to your pledge. 

There will also be opportunities for YOU the backers to help us make product decisions about which things to add or to the campaign, so we'll be seeking your input.   


Now, our first big stretch goal which is in sight is to drop a special SPOT UV Treatment on the front cover our all of our board books to make CTHULHU pop even more than the amazing artwork from Joshua Janes allows! 

And what's great is that ALL backers who ordered the new book (which is most of you!) will get this upgrade when we hit $40K! 

So keep sharing this project to help make it happen! 


In our excitement to get this project launched early Tuesday morning, we did so without the full add-on menu of items being actually available to add on to your pledges.  Some of our backers were quick to point this out to us, and we were able to get them up and available shortly into Day One.  

Some of the items that weren't available initially were:

  • BLACK 12 in C is for Cthulhu Plush
  • PURPLE 12 in C is for Cthulhu Plush
  • SILVER CAST Limited Edition C is for Cthulhu Xmas Ornament

So, if you were looking for those items at launch and couldn't find them, not to worry, they're there now.  Here's the full list of ADD-ONS currently available:

Note: Apparently the add-on menu is not shown when you back through the Kickstarter mobile app, and they instead need to be added in the browser version of Kickstarter.

Please let us know if you're having any issues with add-ons or questions about your pledge!

- The C is for Cthulhu Team

P.S. So awesome to read stories from past backers and longtime C is for Cthulhu fans! It's a true privilege to be able to continue creating books for you! 


A Huge Debut!
over 1 year ago – Wed, Apr 27, 2022 at 10:05:25 PM

Thank You C is for Cthulhu Fam for an AMAZING Launch Day! 

Once again, we're blown away by the tremendous outpouring of support from our backers who answered the call and delivered one of our best launch days ever for this new book:

  • Smashed $25K funding goal (our largest to date) in less than 10 hours! 
  • Over 520+ backers in the first 24 hours! 
  • Named a Kickstarter PROJECT WE LOVE!
  • Owned the Top Children’s Book on Kickstarter spot yesterday, according to Kicktraq!

We really do have a special fanbase and we can't thank you enough! 


To do well on Kickstarter, the opening day is all about bringing out your biggest fans and past backers to get your project off to a strong start. If you can get your people out early, your campaign will climb the Kickstarter charts and help get you in front of even more prospective new fans... 

We use a tool called Launch to help keep track of the breakdown between past backers vs new backers discovering us for the first time...

As you can see our DAY ONE was a huge party for our RETURNING BACKERS, with 500 coming out, nearly 90% of our total backers having backed at least one previous campaign.  Honestly, this makes us super proud...

...we've really done our best to build a strong track record on Kickstarter, and to take great care of our backers! In fact, the idea for the SANTA CTHULHU Plush Toys actually first came from backer suggestions, as our books and toys have always been popular gifts at the holidays! 

So, if you're a past backer, in the comments, we'd love to hear from you! How long have you been a part of the C is for Cthulhu family? 

Now, one of the things that always happens over the course of a Kickstarter campaign is that the percentage of NEW BACKERS usually ticks up and takes over our Returning Backer Count. (Last campaign, for example, had 64% of our backers as first time backers by the end of the campaign.) 

So, if you're a NEW BACKER, we'd also love to hear how you discovered this campaign and why you're excited to be a part of it in the comments!


This launch is clearly off to an amazing start, and since we've crushed our initial goal to greenlight everything we've offered, we're going to be able to add some cool extras to this campaign! We'll also be looking for your input on some things... so stay tuned and keep checking these updates! This is YOUR campaign, you're making it possible, and we can't thank you enough!

- Your Pals @ C is for Cthulhu

P.S. To celebrate a special launch day, we've got Cthulhu's big entrance in the new book for you!